Want to learn to drift?
Looking for your first drift car?

To build or to buy?
That is the question!

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As the sport of drifting gains popularity around the world, more people are looking to get into it. All you need to be a part of this growing phenomenon is your very own drift car! The next question has become one of the biggest debates in history for any drift scene. Do I build my drift car, or do I buy it? The answer to that particular question usually boils down to the amount of money you have to throw into the project!

There are purists, who will tell you it's better to start in a stock car with no modifications! There are others who say exactly the opposite. The truth is plain and simple - it's seat time and practice that you need to do well in this sport. So you do what feels like the right way for YOU!!!

In the video below, we will take a look at buying a used drift car!

In this video, Formula Drift Pro 1 driver, Chelsea Denofa will give you some valuable lessons for buying a used drift car. Like what to look for, or maybe what to avoid!
S13 Owner - @Hawtwhiskey138
E36 Owner - @Hotwingdrifter

Cinematographers - @dpukc, @rjemal, @malcolm.delacruz

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