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Drift Kitchen promotes drifting to women...

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What do cooking in the kitchen and drifting have in common? A chef shares their passion by creating dishes that are full of exciting flavor combinations for the public to enjoy, while drifters create their art with their cars. Beautiful arrays of colors and parts, all personalized to show on a skidpad for spectators to enjoy. Drift Kitchen is a combo of both …created by and for women drifters.

There are some amazing female pro drivers, like Kelsey Rowlings and Karolina Pilarczyk. However, when it comes to grassroots driving, many girls are too intimidated to get out on the skidpad or track for the first time and learn. I get that, because I was one of them. Someone else that gets it - Alexis Dabilis, creator of Drift Kitchen.

Drift Kitchen events promote the sport of drifting to women. They tour the country using different venues around the country to make drifting accessible for both beginners and pro drivers. It gives women the opportunity to get on the track and practice without the fear of being judged. Drift Kitchen has been providing this service since 2018.

“Taylor and I came up with the idea of running an all womens drift day, because there weren’t many ladies drifting locally.” said Dabilis. “When we would talk to girls who would show up to events as spectators, they would say they wanted to try it but were afraid or too intimidated to do it at a regular event in front of everyone.”

Dabilis originally planned on doing just one event! However, after the first event and all the fun the ladies had, more events were being asked for and the rest is history.

Alexis tours around the country, merchandise and instructions in hand as she watches over her dream project. For her, it makes her proud to see women drivers have that ‘Ah-ha’ moment on the skidpad. It is her dream to have an all womens drift team considering she was the only female drifter at New Hampshire events.

The latest Drift Kitchen event was held the last Saturday of August at the NOLA Motorsports complex. Not only did Drift Kitchen have to deal with the looming effects of COVID-19, but also the fear of a hurricane that could have easily cancelled the event if it had shifted just a little further East. Thankfully, the track was clear, except for a 30 minute break due to some afternoon lightning.

It was pretty hot out there, but these ladies were dedicated. The guys were there in supporting roles for their ladies. They were helping give instructions, and handling the layout of the course. Admittedly for me, being a novice driver, the layout was tough. It was hard for a few of us, but that didn’t matter. Alexis stood at the sidelines to encourage each and every one of us to keep going, and most importantly to have fun. Even though I never fully linked the layout, I can admit I had a great time doing it, and it was well worth the time and money spent. (Plus, I got to see my favorite city in the world so there’s that added bonus).

There are always challenges that must be faced by Alexis, with each event she puts on. The balance is a delicate one as she juggles traveling, setting up the events, encouraging participation, merchandising, etc... and all this while juggling a full-time job.

But there are challenges that must be faced for Alexis with each event she puts on. The balance is a delicate one as she juggles traveling, setting up the events, encouraging participation, merchandising and all this while juggling a full-time job.

“We definitely will continue to do events around the U.S. in the future. COVID-19 messed up our 2020 schedule a little bit, but we are getting back on track for next year!” Dabilis said. “Eventually we want to make this our full-time career! I also hope to own my own shop, working on drift cars, and have it be all ladies wrenching.”

So ladies, if you’re just watching on the sidelines at drift events, know that you have the support to help you learn. Drift Kitchen offers female support without judgement of who you are, what you drive, or even how well you drive.

For more information on Drift Kitchen, head over to their website www.driftkitchen.com You can also find them on their Facebook or Instagram pages!

Interview by:

Lisa McDonald

Nov 2020