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Check out what parts and mods serious drifters are using on their cars, and why they use them.

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There are a few components that comprise the ability to drift a vehicle.
Those are: Horsepower, Angle, Suspension, and Braking

All of these can be accomplished with a stock, rear wheel drive vehicle. However, drifting becomes far easier with some modifications in these areas. Adding 'horsepower' will make it easier to break the rear tires loose, and maintain max angle throughout the turns. While adding an 'angle kit' gives you more over-steer, for bigger angles during the turns and less chance of spinning out. Beefing up to a stiffer suspension and/or adding sway bars, makes it easier to break the rear tires from the gripping position. It also cuts out the pitch roll that most stock vehicles have going hard into a turn, which could cause a roll-over. Adding an 'E-brake' or 'Steering Brake' gives you the option to lock up the rear wheels, to help in initiating the drift or to scrub speed quickly.

Horsepower basically says how big and strong the motor is, and it is determined by many different factors. Every motor is different, but all can be modified in lots of ways to achieve more horsepower. The amount of horsepower dictates how many foot pounds of torque you have to break the rear wheels from the grip position. Typically most cars only have between 100-250HP when they are stock from the factory. Some drift cars can exceed 1000HP easily, through engine swaps and upgrades.

Angle Kits give the car more steering angle at full lock, which makes it easier to get more angle and maintain it during a drift. There are many different brands like 'Wisefab', 'SLR', 'MG Solutions', 'DriftKnuckles', and many more, that specialize in certain chasis angle kits. They all vary in price and quality, just like anything else you buy in this world today. Research your chasis to find out who offers the best angle kit to fit your driving style, at a price you can afford. There are also many fabricators out there that are making their own amazing angle kits, you just have to ask around till you find them. There are probably even some in your area, so ask your fellow drifters.
(DWM will be doing product reviews of angle kits in the very near future, so stay tuned and check back often.)

Suspension is always a factor in anything having to do with speed and stability of the vehicle. Upgrading your cars suspension can do wonders for your drifting. You want your suspension stiff in the rear end, to easily break both rear tires loose from the grip position. Your front tires are set cambered in at the top for maximum traction to help hold the car on it's line through the high speed turns. Most serious drifters use adjustable coilovers, in place of the stock shocks and struts to achieve the suspension needs they desire for drifting.
(DWM will be doing product reviews of coilovers and other suspension goodies in the very near future, so stay tuned and check back often.)

Braking is a key component in drifting, and it's used in many different ways. E-brake initiations, grabbing it for negotiating your way around a hairpin turn, these are just a few ways braking is used in drifting.

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