Donovan Brockway Interview
Red Baron Racing

DWM got to sit down with Formula Drift's very own Donovan Brockway, of the Red Baron Racing Team. We asked him about life in FD, and his awesome red hot E30 BMW!

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Drift World - How long have you been drifting, and how did you get into this amazing sport?

Donovan Brockway - It was back in 2011, when a lot of my friends were starting to attend Sonoma Drift on Wednesday nights.

DW - What was your first drift car?

DB - It was a little red BMW E30, that’s what got me hooked.

DW - Tell us about your current build?

Engine: Stroker S54
Computer: AEM Infinity
Turbine: Precision 68/70
Cooling: Custom Rear Mount
Exterior: VMR Design fenders / DTM bumpers
Interior: Sparco
Graphics: VI-Madness Wrap
Tires: Achilles ATR II/ 123s
Suspension: JRZ Suspension RS 12 Series

DW - Whats the story with Red Baron Racing? Give us a little background on you and the company.

DB - It came about through conversations with friends. The first two cars I had were Red, and with the family ties to 'Peanuts' we came up with the team and logo. We might be rebranding for the shop and new chassis when that comes along.

DW - If money was no object, what would be your dream car build? What cool parts would it feature?

DB - BMW M4, fully backed by a Carbon Fiber company! Haha

DW - What is your all-time favorite track to drift on? What is your favorite track on the FD tour?

DB - I personally love the Summer Jam layout at Sonoma Raceway in Nor-Cal. As for Formula Drift, I think that both the Atlanta and Texas tracks are insanely fun!

DW - Tell us a little about your transition from the amateur ranks, into being a respected Formula Drift driver and competitor? How did you get to FD?

DB - We did two years at the ProAm level, and got our Pro license through JustDrift in So-Cal. Then, we built my current FD car and the transition was a nightmare. Just working out all of the new build gremlins has taken us about two years now. However, I’m excited for the 2017 season with a car we know way more about now.

DW - What's the craziest thing to happen while on tour with FD?

DB - Lets see, 2015 Season - Haha
Rd 1. Spun two main bearings and destroyed a stroker crank, when we had dry sump issues.
Rd 2. Lost the E-Throttle and slammed the car into a bank at 60MPH, making the car about 5 inches shorter.
-Out for season- had to replace entire front end before the 2016 season.
2016 Season:
Rd1. Having a resettable breaker open when the back tires were on the rumble strip completely shutting down all the onboard electronics.
Rd 2. Breaking an unbreakable gearbox on my run up before the initiation.

DW - Who has been your biggest rivalry this year?

DB - Boring as it sounds, I wouldn’t say I have developed any rivalries yet.

DW - What was your most memorable battle in a drifting competition?

DB - Seeing as we have only had a few real battles, I'd have to say it was my battle against Dirk Stratton in Texas.

DW - Can you tell us a little about your plans for the 2017 FD season?

DB - The team is very excited to finally be working with a car we know, so we must test it as much as possible this year.

DW - What advice would you have for up coming drivers out there?

DB - I’d say make sure you’re in the sport for the right reason. Just like life, it’s going have ups and downs, so it trains your mental capacity to handle both. You can’t walk away when times are low, be it the car not working or three subjective judges not thinking you won! Haha.
Go have fun.

DW - Where can our readers find out more about you, and how can they follow you on social media?

DB -

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