Fielding Shredder Interview
Star of TV Series - Hyperdrive

CHAOS from Drift World Mag goes one-on-one with Texas crowd favorite Fielding Shredder, who also starred in the Netflix original hit series HYPERDRIVE!

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Drift World - 1. How long have you been drifting and competing, and how did you get started in drifting?

Fielding Shredder - I've been drifting for a little over 10 years now, and have been competing for the last 6 years. I fell in love with the sport of drifting the moment I saw a video online of Yoshinori Koguchi sliding his black Nissan 180SX around. That was the moment I knew that I wanted to try it out too!

DW - Tell us about your build!

FS - My build is focused on getting reliable seat time, while having lots of fun.
Nissan S14 chassis
2JZ powerplant with XONA Rotor turbo
Tial Sport WG/BOV
It runs on E85, and has a safe tune from the people at Trackstar Motorworks.
The suspension setup is Enkei Wheels, Kenda Tires, BC Racing coilovers with SPL parts arms and GK Tech knuckles.

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DW - How did you get involved with the Hyper Drive TV show? What was that experience like?

FS - Hyperdrive was the coolest thing ever! I auditioned for the show a while ago, and eventually got picked to do it! Very cool experience! I made a cool video with the Top 10 questions I get asked about that show.
I also have a very detailed video about my application process on my Youtube channel if you want to know more :)
There are tons of other cool videos on my YouTube channel, so feel free to check them out too!

DW - Tell us about some of your experiences at SEMA?

FS - SEMA is a working environment for me, so Its not as much 'fun' as it is time to get things done. That being said, this past year was pretty cool getting to drive in the Hoonigan burnyard out front, and it was great connecting with all the fans. I also attended PRI which turned out to be an even better experience! I highly recommend attending both!

DW - Tell us a little about your sponsors?

FS - This year I am sponsored by many great companies. Kenda tires being my #1 most important sponsor, by providing me the best option for rubber on the road. Enkei Wheels also hooked me up with a gorgeous set of PF-05 wheels from Japan, which Polydyn will be powder coating for me. Xona Rotor Turbo and Tial Sport have all my boost needs covered, and Trackstar Motorworks is handling all the tuning for the engine. KBD gave me a body kit to attempt to destroy, and Redline Oil has just signed on to help out this season! Huge thank you to all of them, as well as anyone else whos a part of my program past present and future.

DW - Any cool stories about crazy stuff that happened while you were on the road with Hyperdrive? We also heard you recently participated in #DriftWeek2020!

FS - All sorts of crazy stuff happened! Some stuff I can't legally talk about, but one that I can talk about involved me running out of gas and getting Luke Fink to push me with his bumper all the way to a gas station! I also figured out that the 240SX is a terrible road-trip car, and not something i'd recommend! Haha.

DW - Who are some of your favorite drivers to tandem with?

FS - I think that Chelsea Denofa and Matt Field were the most fun to drive with at DRIFTWEEK2020, because they are consistently good so I can have a lot of confidence chasing them. Michael Van Shellenbeck is also one of my fav to drive with for the same reason.

DW - How did you make yourself such a crowd favorite in the drift scene?

FS - I just try to always put on a good show! I drive with my balls and not my brains, but it's all just to have a good time! Its also important to be genuine and humble off track. I think for me, that is the winning combination!

DW - What advice would you give to other drivers out there?

FS - Keep things SIMPLE and dont focus so much on the build! Instead, focus on driving and getting seat time as much as possible. Make every lap count, and always keep trying to improve and up your skill level!
Just drive your car. Also know that this shit is not easy, and requires an immense amount of work, sacrifice, and dedication - so be ready!

DW - What does the future hold for Fielding Shredder?

FS - Who knows? More driving and fun adventures, thats for sure!

Drift World - Where can our readers find and follow Fielding Shredder?

Fielding Shredder - YouTube -
Instagram -
Website -

Interview by:

Shawn 'CHAOS' Zilka

Feb 2020